Slow down

This song was all over Facebook a while back and for good reason – it’s absolutely gorgeous. The lyrics are all about how you want your children to grow up, but just not so fast – the moments go by so quickly and before you know it they’re not babies anymore.

My favourite lyric is ‘I pointed to the sky and now you want to fly’ – it makes me well up every time. As parents, that’s what we do – we encourage our children to dream. We try to show them all that the world has to offer… and then we have to let them go and explore it for themselves.

Isn’t it amazing to watch them grow? To watch them throw themselves into the world with that unique mix of innocence and curiosity? Wide eyes, that moment of hesitation – what is this? – and then a laugh. Pure joy. I always think it’s incredible that babies are born with a sense of humour. Later they learn from our responses what is supposed to be funny, but at first so many things are. The first thing my baby laughed at was me doing fishy lips. I was so proud. My husband and I did fishy lips for ages until there were other things that were funnier. Now, we get a guaranteed laugh from pretending to drop her, from swinging her around, from tickles and raspberries and silly voices. I wish we had cameras all over the house capturing it all, because trying to capture it ourselves takes the magic out of the moment.

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Slow Down Song was all over Facebook. Capturing magic moments with

Slow Down Song was all over Facebook. Capturing magic moments with

Katherine Xx