A little more about Michelle... | Tadley Newborn Photographer

Here are a few things you might like to know about me... and kids...

Ever since I was young I have always loved being with younger children... my sister is two years younger than me and my brother is seven years younger than me. I loved helping my Mum with my brother when he was a baby...

I became a guide when I was eleven and helped out at the linked Brownie Pack, as I got older I became a leader myself and loved organising activities and Camps for the girls in my Unit. 

As an older teenager I was a regular babysitter for a family with four children from (18 months to 10 years) and would often accompany them on holiday to help supervise their children, we had a great time!

I worked in an office for a few years doing book keeping and data entry. It really didn't feel like it was the right fit for me.

In 1992 I decided I needed a change I was still a volunteer Girl Guide Leader but my day job just wasn't enough. I went for an interview with a Housing Consortium to become a support worker, working with adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. I loved it! I have worked with different groups of individuals with different levels of support needed, adult men with varying behaviours, children with very little verbal communication, teenagers needing support to learn life skills and night monitoring support staff for clients with medical conditions. This I found to be extremely fulfilling.

I met my husband Charlie at work and we were married in 1998, we are the best of friends and I couldn't imagine a life without him. Our son was born later that year and our daughter was born three years later. I love being a Mum and we are blessed with really great kids.

I started working as a teaching assistant when our daughter started school and found my calling in working with specific groups of children who needed a little extra help in all different kinds of areas. I found my love of communicating spurred me on and I will always treasure this time in learning all about how children tick at so many levels.

I have always loved photography, from the times when I would sit with my Grandparents sharing stories about the people they had known, but that I would never meet. I loved the way the photos would come to life in my mind as they told me all about those lovely people.

The photographs I have taken over my life are either displayed or stored lovingly in a treasure box and I will take them out and re-live the memories every now and then, they always make me smile xx 

When I made the decision to work with my husband Charlie, train as a photographer (and his assistant) I don't think I realise the impact it would have on me. I LOVE what I do. I capture those memories for other families, so that they can have their own treasure boxes/albums to cherish and share with their loved ones in the future. How great is that!

I have specialised my training in custom newborn photography and yes I have my favourite photographers who inspire me to improve my skills and always strive for perfection... I just LOVE tiny little newborns!

Your family is the most important treasure that you have. It would be my privilege, to be trusted as your family photographer, to get to know you all and capture beautiful memories for you to share and love.

You can contact me directly at the bottom of this page, or if you would like to book shoot with myself and Charlie we would love to hear from you.  Go to Session Booking

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan your Custom Portrait Session.

Michelle x