How does Michelle prepare for a Newborn Portrait session? | Hampshire Newborn Photographer

There is a lot to do to make sure our studio is warm, safe and ready for your newborn's very first portrait session.

Baby Evie-Mai snuggled so peacefully in one of our baskets...

Personal - but important to know...

I always, shower and wash my hair before a newborn photo shoot.

My nails are kept short so as not to scratch your baby and I use a gel sanitiser before and during your photo shoot as well.

I do not wear make up or perfume as these can possibly cause irritation. 

Please note: I will reschedule a portrait session if I am unwell, generally I'm a healthy person so this is rare.

The practical bit...

Your Newborn is so precious to you, the comfort and safety of your baby is always the most important consideration when posing and using any of our props. My personal view is this - there are poses that can be seen on the internet, that I will not attempt. I do not think that they look particularly natural, can be more risky for your baby (even with training) and I will not hang your baby from a sling or prop suspended over a beanbag. Your baby's safety comes first, always....

All the blankets, props, and accessories we use are cleaned and washed between every photo shoot and I apply cleansing gel to my hands throughout the session as I will be gently posing your baby and like to minimise any risk of spreading germs.

Our Studio is swept and everything is close to hand that we will need. The climate control is set to be snuggly and warm for your baby and womb sounds will be played to help your baby settle. I use a digital thermometer to keep an eye on the environmental temperature around your baby and will top this up with a tower fan heater if needed. 

Ollie... peacefully sleeping, a comforting hand is placed to prevent any startle reflex disturbing him, while he drifts off...

My husband Charlie is always on hand to help, but we love our parents to be involved, we may ask you to sit next to a prop and place your hand on baby's back to soothe them and be there just in case baby startles or wriggles. Newborn's legs can be very strong.

Your baby will be naked for most of the photographs taken, although he or she might be wrapped or lying on their tummy. We usually say to our parents it's not a case of 'if' but when'. Most newborns will have a little wee during their photo shoot and a few might even have a poo, this is something we deal with calmly and we have supplies on hand to clean up any little messes. 

Being friendly...

I love to get to know the families that I will be photographing.  So from the date you book your Newborn Portrait Session I will be in contact regularly, to keep in touch and check that you have everything you need and are prepared for your photo shoot.

I can always be contacted to answer any questions you may have. Your baby's first photo shoot is a wonderful experience for you and your family, we will take time to plan together.

Taking a moment to say Hi to baby James-Dean before his photo shoot begins...

I have loads of patience, it takes time to allow baby to settle while posing them. Positioning fingers and toes beautifully can really make a portrait perfect.

... and just sometimes if we are fortunate enough to catch it, your new baby will give us a sleepy smile.. thanks Ollie for sharing yours...

A Newborn Portrait Session is a cosy and relaxed occasion, usually with only immediate family. Creating a calm peaceful atmosphere really allows parents to pause and take time to reflect on the first few days of their baby's life and wonder at the tiny miracle they hold in their arms.

This is a wonderful time to take a few family photographs, I will guide you in how to hold your baby and pose too. Sibling photos are really special at this time, we will discuss the photos you would like to capture at your pre-session consultation meeting.

We won't rush you, relax and enjoy capturing these first memories with your new baby.

I hope this gives you an idea of how we prepare and what you can expect at your Newborn's First Portrait Session. 

I would love to meet your family and photograph your newborn, please contact me to book your portrait session HERE.

I look forward to speaking with you and helping you plan your baby's first portrait session.

Michelle x